Vancouver Lawn Care – Expert Advice to Manage Damaged Lawns

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Vancouver BC is a great place to live in – unless the property you just bought shows signs of a damaged lawn. Vancouver lawn care experts say that such situation needs urgent intervention. Failing to take care of your lawn the proper way can be a huge problem down the road for you. For instance, the past property owner could have neglected the lawn. If you happen to live on that property and still see your lawn damaged, the causes can be traced back to severe disease and pest infestations. Lawn maintenance mistakes you may have done unknowingly or damaging weather conditions.

The only solution to fix a damaged lawn is intensive  Vancouver lawn care. And today, we are here to help you understand better what causes lawn damage and how you can deal with the situation efficiently.

Recognize the Symptoms, Vancouver lawn care

Vancouver lawn care professionals emphasize on recognizing the symptoms of a damaged lawn. As we said, the causes may include pollution, improper use of fertilizers and pesticides. Sometimes the main issue is related to soil damages due to excessive water infiltration or, the total lack of it.

Damaged lawn care symptoms thus include:

  • Large portions of compacted soil
  • The presence of clay, infiltrated deep and on large areas into the soil
  • Very poor soil drainage
  • Dry and cracked areas of the soil

Calling for Expert Solutions

Intensive Surrey lawn care professionals advise you immediately turn to experts to evaluate the seriousness of the situation. Soil testing is the first step of a hard lawn repairing process, Delta lawn maintenance, BC specialists also confirm.

Using over-seeding is one of the first solutions to try in order to keep the existing lawn in place. Cutting slits on the lawn after a rigorous dethatching may save the lawn, together with over-seeding.

Another solution is deep core soil aeration. Especially if the soil was found to be too compacted or poorly nourished.

Lawn removal is the worst case scenario and is done only of the soil turned to clay, is seriously cluttered and the drainage is almost in-existent. If the lawn was infested by weeds and pests, fungi or other diseases, then you have to remove the entire lawn.

Sometimes, intensive lawn care ends up in total lawn removal, but this allows you to consider employing professional Surrey lawn maintenance services for the long term.

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