6 Basic Lawn Maintenance Principles to Employ to Have the Best Lawn in Town, Richmond lawn care

December 12, 2016 Earl

Lawn maintenance concerns many homeowners. Because all of them want to have beautiful, lush and healthy lawns and gardens. Caring for your lawn is a year’s long job. Even if you do it on your own and even if you use a Richmond lawn care company to do it for you, the same principles are to be implemented. If you want to be ahead of your neighbors in the landscape beauty competition, let’s hear it from Delta lawn care experts.

Raking in Spring, Richmond lawn care

Winter leftovers and debris call for the appropriate raking, to de-clutter the soil and deal with the matted grass. Snow mold is also a problem, and so a smooth but serious raking allows the soil to dry and the spring sun to eliminate mold. Raking helps oxygen to circulate, getting the lawn ready to rebirth in spring. The right Hanover area landscapers offer varied lawn care maintenance services like mulching, shrub trimming, weeding, lawn cleanups and many others.

Dethatching With Care

No matter how well you fertilize sometimes or how good care you take of your lawn, dethatching is always an issue, Vancouver lawn care pros say. This is why you should always keep an eye on the thick mat that develops at the soil’s level.

Soil Aeration When Needed

Soil aeration is an annual process which involves making holes in your soil with special equipment. It is necessary for de-compacting. This also lets the fertilizers reach their target and water infiltrate better to the grass roots. Lastly, it allows organic matters to accumulate into the soil as well.

Fertilization on the Long Term

In the cold season, Richmond lawn care specialists recommend fertilization as a preventative method against crabgrass. In late spring, over-seeding is a necessary step to ensure a rich and healthy turf. Over the year, fertilization can be done with grass clippings left on the soil or the use of home-made compost.

Mowing According to the Rules, Richmond lawn care

Early mowing ensures a healthy strong grass growth. This allows the sun to reach the roots, water to go deeper, weeds to be removed and the turf to grow thicker. Along the year, mowing depends on the season, the climate, the irrigation system in use and the environmental factors present. As a general rule, let Surrey lawn care experts mow your lawn, because they know better when and how to do it. Better yet, book your lawn mowing online from the comfort of your room, and get the same professional service done pronto.

Testing the Soil Regularly

Regular soil test give you a good idea of the main and secondary nutrients needed by your lawn as well as the amount of fertilizers which should be used.

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6 Basic Lawn Maintenance Principles to Employ, Richmond lawn care