3 Standout Landscaping Trends Of 2017

February 26, 2017 Earl

Lawn care

Today’s landscaping, lawn care and design arts are comprised of keywords, such as, smart technology, simplicity, stylish and sustainability. Homeowners are seeking smart landscape solutions and new ways to adapt environmental elements. As a result, they look for makeovers by creating outdoor living to the next level. Since summer is approaching and people are highly inspired to start thinking about new landscaping touch-ups. According lawn care Surrey experts it is worth knowing what trends to jump on in 2017 to maximize property value. Therefore, lawn care Surrey specialists built upon some good practices and ideas. Here we have shared their top three landscaping trends of 2017!

Outdoor Entertainment With Extreme Naturalism.

Utilizing outdoor spaces effectively for healthier and more practical purposes is becoming the latest trend of year 2017. Not to mention that your driveway also should be in good condition. Get redirected here to learn how you can do that. Incorporating natural elements, creating retro hard spaces and natural looking garden trends are increasing in popularity among the homeowners. The garden designers and architects are using less modern designs.  They are also avoiding lavishing landscapes that require high maintenance and large amount of water-irrigation. The creek beds and succulents are perfect for hot and sunny areas. This is because these can be arranged into different zones when designing gardens.

The homeowners are suggested to have outdoor furniture that is more portable, lightweight and modular like the ones available on this outdoor furniture Melbourne website. They look for comfortable outdoor kitchen services such as brick ovens and grills. The multi functional and decorative items are used for blending comfort and beauty with space saving ideas. The homeowners prefer to embrace physical activities when thinking to revamp their landscapes. They add outdoor gyms, yoga gardens, cricket pitches by using stone, wood or sun-dried styles.

Eco-friendly Gardens with Perennial Native Plants.

The top method that will continue in 2017 is a combination of water with native plants to develop environmentally conscious landscapes. Busy homeowners are seeking “Naturalizing” or “Hypercritical” approach. Which means selecting native plants, replacing traditional lawns & turfs with locally grown grasses. The energy efficient LED lights and solar powered lighting is the method that landscape architects and lawn care Surrey specialists recommend.

Growing endemic vegetation means going green in your space. And that too is easy to maintain. Edible kitchen is awesome naturescaping. This allows for the thriving of local ecosystems and handles the issues of fertilizers, scarcity of water resources. The use of low-maintenance perennial native plants will attract birds, insects and butterflies which make our outdoor living beautiful and healthy. Lawn care experts suggest that we must plant what  we eat and don’t just limit ourselves to herbs. Mixed planting and experiment with potted fruits is great for a garden to look and taste good.

Innovations in Irrigation, Landscaping

The tech-eccentric irrigation is available to help landscapers and property owners to effectively manage irrigation. The wireless controllers that are run via smartphones and rain sensors that track weather conditions in advance. The technological advancements help detect soil moisture levels to detect how much water needs to be distributed.

Hiring our lawn care specialists can help you learn what other trends are coming up this year. They will walk you through those and you can implement to improve your property value.