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Surrey lawn maintenance

Surrey Lawn Maintenance is very important. Keeping a lush, green, groomed and well maintained center piece of lawn is not for everyone. To create a picture perfect patch it doesn’t have to be large, sprawling garden.  Some homeowners have intentions of keeping a weed free beautiful looking area that is modest and small green space. However, for others lawn and garden care is just a call away. Then they just sit back and enjoy their wonderfully refreshing backyard or a front yard.

For those who have trouble maintaining their yard, can always rely on the landscape specialists and lawn maintenance experts. Having said that along with experts help the most important is the owners’ care, respect and efforts. The lawn care companies can provide seasonal services. But, mowing, fertilizing, and watering your grass needs to be done regularly. If not daily at least once in a week. So, the lawn care is not complete without owner’s special involvement in caring their lawn.

Easy To Follow Complete Lawn Care Program

Since lawn care is a continuous labor of love, care and effort, every homeowner requires an easy to follow guide. This ensures that your turf and plants are growing healthy. This keeps the essential nutrients in the soil are well maintained.

It is important that the deep rooted system begins to form after nutrients and microbes are added to the soil. The watering patterns should be allow the grass to dry between cycles. During summer, the lawn should be soaked in water regularly for at least 1hour with an interval of every two days. The time when you water is important too, morning or early afternoon is an ideal time for watering.

Ultimate Weed, Pest & Disease Control Guide

No matter where you live in Surrey Lawn Maintenance, always keeps the environment in mind when you are thinking of using toxin chemicals to treat your soil. Just completely avoid these chemicals because these have a devastating effect on our ecosystem and can harm and pollute our local air and water systems. Opting for an organic lawn care program and using 100% organic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are a smart environmental decision that will create a positive impact on the world.

You should aim to arm yourself with the knowledge that you will need to recognize weeds such as boardleaf weeds. Also taking preventive measures for not letting these sprout further. Dealing with weeds can be very troublesome, using a pre-emergent herbicide to stop the weeds or dreaded crabgrass gain root hold. Learning about diseases, pests and insects will help to early recognition of these problems and using effective measures to control and treat the problems. The insects can attack your turf and infect the lawn, so cutting down regularly is the first step to prevent this problem.

Surrey Lawn Maintenance Guide

To mow at the proper height, it is important to first find out the type of grass in your lawn. Secondly, never tend to mow too short because this will allow weeds to set root. The general rule of thumb is, never mow or cut more than 1/3rd of the grass blade length.

Always make first mowing in spring and last one in the fall. The ideal mowing height is 7.5cm and avoid repeated close cuts. Because this will harm the nutrients of the lawn. For a good clean lawn, follow these important mowing tips-

  • Always avoid mowing when the grass is wet
  • For cleaner cuts use a mower with sharp blades
  • Always keep clippings in a bagger and use mower that have one to avoid the chances of developing the diseases and pests
  • Always follow a different pattern each time you mow for better upright growth
  • Mow while moving in the forward direction
  • Leave clippings on the lawn which is known as grass cycling technique for returning nutrients and nitrogen back to the lawn.
  • Never mow during the midday as the heat will stress you and your grass.


If you still find difficulty in maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn, then you should call our specialists. Surrey Lawn Maintenance profesionals are here to help you.



Lawn care

Today’s landscaping, lawn care and design arts are comprised of keywords, such as, smart technology, simplicity, stylish and sustainability. Homeowners are seeking smart landscape solutions and new ways to adapt environmental elements. As a result, they look for makeovers by creating outdoor living to the next level. Since summer is approaching and people are highly inspired to start thinking about new landscaping touch-ups. According lawn care Surrey experts it is worth knowing what trends to jump on in 2017 to maximize property value. Therefore, lawn care Surrey specialists built upon some good practices and ideas. Here we have shared their top three landscaping trends of 2017!

Outdoor Entertainment With Extreme Naturalism.

Utilizing outdoor spaces effectively for healthier and more practical purposes is becoming the latest trend of year 2017. Incorporating natural elements, creating retro hard spaces and natural looking garden trends are increasing in popularity among the homeowners. The garden designers and architects are using less modern designs.  They are also avoiding lavishing landscapes that require high maintenance and large amount of water-irrigation. The creek beds and succulents are perfect for hot and sunny areas. This is because these can be arranged into different zones when designing gardens.

The homeowners are suggested to have outdoor furniture that is more portable, lightweight and modular. They look for comfortable outdoor kitchen services such as brick ovens and grills. The multi functional and decorative items are used for blending comfort and beauty with space saving ideas. The homeowners prefer to embrace physical activities when thinking to revamp their landscapes. They add outdoor gyms, yoga gardens, cricket pitches by using stone, wood or sun-dried styles.

Eco-friendly Gardens with Perennial Native Plants.

The top method that will continue in 2017 is a combination of water with native plants to develop environmentally conscious landscapes. Busy homeowners are seeking “Naturalizing” or “Hypercritical” approach. Which means selecting native plants, replacing traditional lawns & turfs with locally grown grasses. The energy efficient LED lights and solar powered lighting is the method that landscape architects and lawn care Surrey specialists recommend.

Growing endemic vegetation means going green in your space. And that too is easy to maintain. Edible kitchen is awesome naturescaping. This allows for the thriving of local ecosystems and handles the issues of fertilizers, scarcity of water resources. The use of low-maintenance perennial native plants will attract birds, insects and butterflies which make our outdoor living beautiful and healthy. Lawn care experts suggest that we must plant what  we eat and don’t just limit ourselves to herbs. Mixed planting and experiment with potted fruits is great for a garden to look and taste good.

Innovations in Irrigation, Landscaping

The tech-eccentric irrigation is available to help landscapers and property owners to effectively manage irrigation. The wireless controllers that are run via smartphones and rain sensors that track weather conditions in advance. The technological advancements help detect soil moisture levels to detect how much water needs to be distributed.

Hiring our lawn care specialists can help you learn what other trends are coming up this year. They will walk you through those and you can implement to improve your property value.


While it is true that superior lawn care needs advanced technical knowledge, proper utilization of resources and the skills to keep your yard green and groomed year after year. To trade fun time with your family and friends without any hitch, proper mowing, quality fertilization, timely aeration and dethatching are the key components. However, implementing these actions can be quiet expensive tasks. But, with a little bit of budget planning and significant savings, Richmond lawn service helps you determine the purpose and goal of your yard. Our innovative experts have found hassle-free tips to keep your plants happy and lush whilst lets you save time, effort and money. Plus, without having to compromise the quality of the yard.

  1. Talk to a Pro For Expert Advice

When it comes to landscaping,  you need a professional lawn care Richmond lawn service to implement time-efficient methods and techniques than doing it yourself. You can look for an hour-long consultation or a long-term maintenance plan which is worth the money if it helps avoid costly mistakes. They will evaluate what exactly your garden needs are in terms of soil, plants, fertilizers, weed control and herbicides.

  1. Plan How Much Design You Need, Richmond lawn service

It is always inexpensive to have your lawn areas covered with organized spaces. Plan a landscape design on paper to build walkways, flower beds, borders, terraces, square patio or deck. For better lawn maintenance you can divide your project into phases and build as you can afford to pay. This may take a little longer, but helps you evaluate your progress and adjust accordingly.

  1. Use Plants Native to Your Area

Take the time and research about the local growing conditions in your area, this will help you save money on landscaping. The native or local plants can make your surroundings attractive and thrive for long without costly fertilizers or maintenance. You can easily buy them from local stores at an affordable rate. These plants can stand in your soil for long as they can survive the climate conditions.

  1. Soil Aeration Every Fall, Richmond lawn service

Another way to keep your lawn care costs low is by aerating soil each fall. This is done by poking holes to loosen the soil and save you money on water too. Soil aeration removes lawn thatch, allows oxygen to circulate, prevent fungus or diseases. Moreover, the lawn will absorb water better and make the roots stronger and healthier.

  1. Use Organic Compost

Compost is the best thing for your garden or a lawn when it comes to money-saving landscaping tips. Since, it is free of cost, made from scraps that you normally throw, has unquestionable benefits. Using glass clipping for fertilizers, and sprinkle compost instead of bagged pine mulch will make your lawn look healthier.

Extra Tips:

  • Install irrigation system for water consumption.
  • Choose woody perennial plants, such as bushes, shrubs, vines and trees.
  • Consider buying a pair of aerating shoes.
  • Try to plant at least one tree in your garden for shade, and beauty.





Lawn Care Vancouver

Lawn Care Vancouver Guide and Information for Home Owners.

Creating a beautiful and healthy lawn or a front yard that neighbors will envy, depends greatly on the hard work and efforts of a lawn owner. It may sound like fun to water or mow the garden on Sunday mornings, however, it’s more to do with commitment and know-how as offered by Lawn Care Vancouver experts. The home owners may invest loads of money to have a wonderful garden and landscapes in their property. However, maintaining a thriving lawn requires a set of planned strategies, organic methods, advanced techniques and tools. Therefore, to establish terrific and appealing look of a garden, it need continuous maintenance with the help of a Lawn Care Vancouver expert.

Most home owners fail in their efforts to transform their yards into the wonderful and edible garden. If you are one of them and struggling to turn your yard into wonderland, then we offer you a comprehensive guide to achieve your goals. May it be help on planting best grass types, nourishing soil, reducing weeds, organic care and maintenance, we provide everything.

Never Give up, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. This first and foremost advice is to keep trying because the perfect lawn is a continuous labor of love and requires ongoing care and effort. The lawn is just like any other business that needs time and effort to make it successful. By implementing proper and planned strategies suggested by Lawn Care Vancouver experts the turf can definitely turn out to be a valuable asset for your property.

Correct Soil, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. Taking soil care into account is very important and performing a soil test to check the properties of the soil during the spring and early fall makes things easier. The harsh winters can increase the levels of acidity in the soil, which will stop grasses to thrive and flourish. When it comes to lawn care, we advise owners to determine beforehand what nutrients are missing and what should be added to the soil.

Watering, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. Everybody loves the flawless lawn and the feel of a fresh cut grass that tickles on bare feet. We believe that this immaculate lawn should not require you to ransack your bank account. Thus, maintenance should be in the budget just like any other business. To decrease the water expense, homeowners are advised to plant perennials in extended flower beds. Look around in the supermarket and buy maintenance plants and shrubs that are low in costs. Use homemade products and herbs to control pests.

Evergrowing Weeds, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and spend some time in the garden pulling the weeds.We want you to control weeds and never overlook the problem of weed infestations. Look for affordable lawn care products such as a spade, rake, trowel and shears. The experts think that timing is very important in case of weed killing and fertilizing.

Go Organic, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. Lawn Care Vancouver experts consider homemade, chemical free, environmentally friendly and affordable lawn fertilizers and tonics as the best pest controls. Learn to make your own fertilizers with simple ingredients from your home kitchen. Always fertilize in the late spring and early fall and that too not more than twice a year.

Keep Track, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. Another tip is to monitor and write everything in your small notebook about your lawn and garden. This will help you keep track of all the issues you have handled and what decisions needs to be taken in future to avoid those issues if they re-occur.

Be careful, Lawn Care Vancouver

  1. According to Lawn Care Vancouver experts, watering deeply, thoroughly but infrequently is the secret to maintaining a lush green lawn. However, avoid over watering because daily watering can suffocate the roots, kill plants & damage the garden. You must ensure that healthy grass is getting 1 inch of water every week.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent by homeowners to maintain the healthiest and greenest lawn on the block. However, some often assume lawn care to be a simpler task of just watering the plants. Despite spending a great deal of time, money and effort if the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, the homeowners are definitely making mistakes in lawn care. Our top lawn care Surrey experts reveal the most common mistakes that residents make.

Inappropriate watering- under or over watering

Over watering can harm the grass with fungal spores and it will carry away the nutrients. It is very important to water lawn according to the season demands. Most lawns need about 1-2 inches of water per week. top lawn care Surrey experts recommend lawn will suffer if correct amount of water requirements depending upon the grass type are not discovered.

Using inferior grass type or improper seeding

The best type of grass is the one that conforms the region and not a random species. The hard work fails in case of inferior grass on the turf and seeding during the wrong season. When buying a grass type one must check the label that tells the seed generation rate, suitable to which type of soil, percentage of weed and water specifications. It is best to discuss all these factors with your lawn care company before you select a grass species.

Cutting grass too short

Another common mistake our top lawn care Surrey experts reveal is mowing grass too short. Scalping the lawn repeatedly can seriously leave it vulnerable to weed & insect invasion. Therefore, shorter grass contributes to unhealthy lawn. It is recommended to set the mower height to 2 ½ inches and not to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any given time.

Planting without testing the soil

A soil is the foundation of a green and healthy looking lawn. If this foundation is weak nothing can succeed there for the long term.  Since, grass can thrive well in soil with a pH of 6-6.5 it is crucial to perform a soil test to make lawn grass healthier. Ask your lawn care service company for testing the levels of nutrients, type of fertilizers and the right course of action to thrive the grass well throughout the year.

Applying improper fertilizing

Using the wrong type of fertilizer or applying it inappropriately is an extremely common mistake that lead to damaging the grass. During the critical growth periods, the lawn does not require much of the fertilizing. Moreover, fall is the best time to fertilize and if the recommended amount is not applied the grassroots will not expand. Thus, to keep the balance proper fertilizing is necessary.

Not having proper plan for lawn care

To beautify the lawn and thrive grass’s growth, top lawn care Surrey residents require a proper plan. This includes selecting the right area (shaded or un-shaded), planting seeds carefully, bed garden weeds twice a month, using self-mulching mower and taking all environmental issues into account.

Top lawn care Surrey

It just arrived the winter season, and the dormant of all garden and lawn are waiting to bloom for the upcoming spring season. We all know that Texan climate will not threaten for turf and flowers in the spring season. Moreover, we should keep in mind that cold of winter is not hampering for the soil and seeds in the milder climates. Most of the homeowners make a mistake which is very common, and this is the biggest problem of a winter season for lawn and garden. Now a few lawn care Richmond expert are talking about the five top mistake which people makes in their lawns and gardens.

•    Lack of Proper Watering

Most of the people think that in the winter season, plants don’t need so much water due to dew which is completely a wrong idea at all. In a statistic, we see that in the winter season, most of the plants become dry due to lack of deep water. The turf, trees, and other plants are suffering from dehydration and not from blizzards. To fix this problem ask your local lawn care Richmond team what step you should take for watering your lawn during a winter season.

•    Reduced Amount of Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the necessary activity for growing up plants. When plants, tree, etc. will not get enough substance from soil, it needed to provide the right element of material for the sufficient grown up of a tree. In the season of winter, it is freezing, and many substances of soil can’t become active at low temperature. So in the winter season, it is so important to provide sufficient fertilizer. If you have any confusion, ask your nearest lawn care Richmond expert about the solution.

•    Poor Mulching in Lawn

I believe, it is not possible for the people who live in Vancouver to leave the soil to become dehydrated. In the winter season, most of the time, ground and roots become destroyed. Proper mulching in your lawn and garden can fix this problem. To protect your lawn, you should apply 7-8-inch-thick mulch layer around the trees or plants. Here, you should keep in mind that a certain distance should be maintained between mulch layer and trees bark. If you can apply these steps, you can get a beautiful lawn during spring.

•    Poor Raking System in the Garden

A brown leaf on the ground is one of the most common things that we noticed in the lawn. This brown leaves can work as organic fertilizer. However, pets or other animals can be attracted by these brown leaves which may result in the produce of fungi. Proper raking to the turf or trees and clean the ground may ensure you to fix this problem.

•    Using Poor Weed Control in Winter, lawn care Richmond

To take care a lawn, weed killer needs to use for killing the weed. These are used as fertilizer. This weed killer activity depends on the weather. As it was winter, and the weather is cold, so you need to increase the use of weed killer. If you don’t use your use weed killer in a proper amount, it hampers your lawn and won’t look attractive.

I suggest you from this winter try to fix above issue and wait to become the owner of an attractive lawn in next spring.

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lawn care Richmond

No one other than lawn care Surrey professionals can create a wonderful, healthy green lawn and a beautiful garden. Whether it’s a lawn in the backyard or a garden in front of a mansion, institute or a building they know exactly what it needs to make a beautiful well maintained lawn or an incredible looking landscape. Their dedication, understanding of competition, knowledge about the land and creative imagination has allowed them to create many award winning and eye catching landscapes in Vancouver.
The property owners in Vancouver understand that best lawn care Surrey services isn’t just the basic maintenance of mowing and edging.

A healthy, lush, green lawn results from utmost love, ongoing care & attention, patience and the certified specialists. This investment seems worthwhile when a parent sees their children playing with their pets safely. A beautiful sight of a healthy environment needs protection, essential nutrients and balanced soil. Fertilizing, over-seeding and aeration will contribute to a healthy lawn and maintain quality air around your house will also add extra value to your property. Landscaping Surrey specialists provides 5 best lawn care & maintenance services for property owners at a very affordable price.


1. Save Water With Smart Irrigation System

The modern and advance irrigation system is easily adaptable to your local climate conditions. The water delivery methods with smart clock technology to water your space exactly at the mentioned time. The automatic weather detector helps to assess the actual weather conditions and shuts off when it rains. This system not only save hours of your work, but also qualifies you for a rebate.

2. Spreading Mulch Around Trees and Flower Beds.

Mulch is valuable for your trees health and growth of flowers. It enhances the beauty of your yard by holding moisture to feed growing roots. Mulch is a friend of flower beds or newly planted trees, either organic or inorganic, it stops weeds, reduce moisture and helps plant growth. A 4-inch deep ring of mulch spread around the trees, save you time and effort of mowing the grass.

3. Simple Easy Fertilizer Program

Lawn care Surrey experts consider two important things. Firstly, knowing how much Nitrogen your lawn needs per year and then dividing it as per season. Secondly, knowing the correct amount needed to apply during the season.

4. Apply Lawn Mowing Rules. Lawn Care Surrey

The top most lawn mowing rule is to “never remove more than 1/3rd of the grass length at one mowing.” The lawn care specialists use a sharp and 3 inches high grass blade. They recycle the grass clippings to save time, money and environment.

5. Use Natural Ways To Control Weeds And Pests.

The easiest way to prevent your garden from insect damage is to pull off weak plants, use natural composting methods to build organic soil and use seaweed mulch or spray. Clear garden area of any debris or weeds regularly with a non-toxic or homemade remedies for a healthy, safe and natural environment.

Lawn Care Surrey
Lawn Care Surrey

Are you unhappy with the way your front yard or garden looks? Do you find your overall landscape looks a bit outdated, common, dull or downright unattractive? Put your worries aside. Our flower service specialists worked together with their Surrey lawn service lawn care colleagues and came up with a list of 5 plants to revamp any type of Vancouver property in the blink of an eye. We are talking about easy, fast and effortless activities which will turn your property into a veritable work of art. All you have to do is plant some new flowers, shrubs and vines around and let them do their magic! If you don’t know how, when or where to plant them for a full spectacular effect, consult with your local Surrey lawn care specialists!

1. Yucca

If you want to bring more Mexico to your Vancouver residence, then Yucca is one of the first plants you need to consider. The sword-shaped leaves of this perennial shrub add a hint of the desert to your otherwise lush green turf, making it look exotic, wild and new. Ask your local Vancouver lawn service  contractor to help you grow Yucca on your property for an outstanding landscape design.

2. Bougainvillea

You will see Bougainvillea almost anywhere there is a warm climate. One of the easiest ways to completely make-over the looks of your dull landscape is planting this ornamental vine. It comes in awesome pink, red and purple colored varieties; it is resilient to hot weather, easy to care for and excellent to just admire all summer long.

3. Dahlias

This plant is native to Mexico, but you will see many exquisite properties featuring this beautifully colored flower. It is not resilient to frost but makes a great add-on to your front yard, the flower garden or the flower beds that ornament your patios. Dahlias also come in many colors, so it’s better to consult with your Richmond lawn care specialists on the best varieties you can host on your property.

4. Yellow Bells

If you truly want to revamp your property with little effort but great results, bring home some Yellow Bells. Their color will make everybody feel you just took a piece of the Sun and planted it in your garden or front yard. This small ornamental shrub can become the highlight of flower beds or turn your walkways into true “yellow brick roads” leading to magical lands.

5. Mexican Bush Sage

A completely revamped landscape should buzz with life, color, texture, depth, and contrasts. From this point of view, the Mexican Bush Sage is the best plant you can host on your property. It attracts butterflies and bees while its silver-gray foliage may be the exact touch of originality and spark your dull landscape needed. Count in the violet blooms as well and you will have that outstanding lawn and landscape in no time.

Vancouver BC is a great place to live in – unless the property you just bought shows signs of a damaged lawn. Vancouver lawn care experts say that such situation needs urgent intervention. Failing to take care of your lawn the proper way can be a huge problem down the road for you. For instance, the past property owner could have neglected the lawn. If you happen to live on that property and still see your lawn damaged, the causes can be traced back to severe disease and pest infestations. Lawn maintenance mistakes you may have done unknowingly or damaging weather conditions.

The only solution to fix a damaged lawn is intensive  Vancouver lawn care. And today, we are here to help you understand better what causes lawn damage and how you can deal with the situation efficiently.

Recognize the Symptoms, Vancouver lawn care

Vancouver lawn care professionals emphasize on recognizing the symptoms of a damaged lawn. As we said, the causes may include pollution, improper use of fertilizers and pesticides. Sometimes the main issue is related to soil damages due to excessive water infiltration or, the total lack of it.

Damaged lawn care symptoms thus include:

  • Large portions of compacted soil
  • The presence of clay, infiltrated deep and on large areas into the soil
  • Very poor soil drainage
  • Dry and cracked areas of the soil

Calling for Expert Solutions

Intensive Surrey lawn care professionals advise you immediately turn to experts to evaluate the seriousness of the situation. Soil testing is the first step of a hard lawn repairing process, Delta lawn maintenance, BC specialists also confirm.

Using over-seeding is one of the first solutions to try in order to keep the existing lawn in place. Cutting slits on the lawn after a rigorous dethatching may save the lawn, together with over-seeding.

Another solution is deep core soil aeration. Especially if the soil was found to be too compacted or poorly nourished.

Lawn removal is the worst case scenario and is done only of the soil turned to clay, is seriously cluttered and the drainage is almost in-existent. If the lawn was infested by weeds and pests, fungi or other diseases, then you have to remove the entire lawn.

Sometimes, intensive lawn care ends up in total lawn removal, but this allows you to consider employing professional Surrey lawn maintenance services for the long term.

Vancouver lawn care

Lawn maintenance concerns many homeowners. Because all of them want to have beautiful, lush and healthy lawns and gardens. Caring for your lawn is a year’s long job. Even if you do it on your own and even if you use a Richmond lawn care company to do it for you, the same principles are to be implemented. If you want to be ahead of your neighbors in the landscape beauty competition, let’s hear it from Delta lawn care experts.

Raking in Spring, Richmond lawn care

Winter leftovers and debris call for the appropriate raking, to de-clutter the soil and deal with the matted grass. Snow mold is also a problem, and so a smooth but serious raking allows the soil to dry and the spring sun to eliminate mold. Raking helps oxygen to circulate, getting the lawn ready to rebirth in spring.

Dethatching With Care

No matter how well you fertilize sometimes or how good care you take of your lawn, dethatching is always an issue, Vancouver lawn care pros say. This is why you should always keep an eye on the thick mat that develops at the soil’s level.

Soil Aeration When Needed

Soil aeration is an annual process which involves making holes in your soil with special equipment. It is necessary for de-compacting. This also lets the fertilizers reach their target and water infiltrate better to the grass roots. Lastly, it allows organic matters to accumulate into the soil as well.

Fertilization on the Long Term

In the cold season, Richmond lawn care specialists recommend fertilization as a preventative method against crabgrass. In late spring, over-seeding is a necessary step to ensure a rich and healthy turf. Over the year, fertilization can be done with grass clippings left on the soil or the use of home-made compost.

Mowing According to the Rules, Richmond lawn care

Early mowing ensures a healthy strong grass growth. This allows the sun to reach the roots, water to go deeper, weeds to be removed and the turf to grow thicker. Along the year, mowing depends on the season, the climate, the irrigation system in use and the environmental factors present. As a general rule, let Surrey lawn care experts mow your lawn, because they know better when and how to do it.

Testing the Soil Regularly

Regular soil test give you a good idea of the main and secondary nutrients needed by your lawn as well as the amount of fertilizers which should be used.

6 Basic Lawn Maintenance Principles to Employ, Richmond lawn care