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Every year, billions of dollars are spent by homeowners to maintain the healthiest and greenest lawn on the block. However, some often assume lawn care to be a simpler task of just watering the plants. Despite spending a great deal of time, money and effort if the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence, the homeowners are definitely making mistakes in lawn care. Our top lawn care Surrey experts reveal the most common mistakes that residents make.

Inappropriate watering- under or over watering

Over watering can harm the grass with fungal spores and it will carry away the nutrients. It is very important to water lawn according to the season demands. Most lawns need about 1-2 inches of water per week. top lawn care Surrey experts recommend lawn will suffer if correct amount of water requirements depending upon the grass type are not discovered.

Using inferior grass type or improper seeding

The best type of grass is the one that conforms the region and not a random species. The hard work fails in case of inferior grass on the turf and seeding during the wrong season. When buying a grass type one must check the label that tells the seed generation rate, suitable to which type of soil, percentage of weed and water specifications. It is best to discuss all these factors with your lawn care company before you select a grass species.

Cutting grass too short

Another common mistake our top lawn care Surrey experts reveal is mowing grass too short. Scalping the lawn repeatedly can seriously leave it vulnerable to weed & insect invasion. Therefore, shorter grass contributes to unhealthy lawn. It is recommended to set the mower height to 2 ½ inches and not to cut off more than 1/3 of the grass blade at any given time.

Planting without testing the soil

A soil is the foundation of a green and healthy looking lawn. If this foundation is weak nothing can succeed there for the long term.  Since, grass can thrive well in soil with a pH of 6-6.5 it is crucial to perform a soil test to make lawn grass healthier. Ask your lawn care service company for testing the levels of nutrients, type of fertilizers and the right course of action to thrive the grass well throughout the year.

Applying improper fertilizing

Using the wrong type of fertilizer or applying it inappropriately is an extremely common mistake that lead to damaging the grass. During the critical growth periods, the lawn does not require much of the fertilizing. Moreover, fall is the best time to fertilize and if the recommended amount is not applied the grassroots will not expand. Thus, to keep the balance proper fertilizing is necessary.

Not having proper plan for lawn care

To beautify the lawn and thrive grass’s growth, top lawn care Surrey residents require a proper plan. This includes selecting the right area (shaded or un-shaded), planting seeds carefully, bed garden weeds twice a month, using self-mulching mower and taking all environmental issues into account.

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It just arrived the winter season, and the dormant of all garden and lawn are waiting to bloom for the upcoming spring season. We all know that Texan climate will not threaten for turf and flowers in the spring season. Moreover, we should keep in mind that cold of winter is not hampering for the soil and seeds in the milder climates. Most of the homeowners make a mistake which is very common, and this is the biggest problem of a winter season for lawn and garden. Now a few lawn care Richmond expert are talking about the five top mistake which people makes in their lawns and gardens.

•    Lack of Proper Watering

Most of the people think that in the winter season, plants don’t need so much water due to dew which is completely a wrong idea at all. In a statistic, we see that in the winter season, most of the plants become dry due to lack of deep water. The turf, trees, and other plants are suffering from dehydration and not from blizzards. To fix this problem ask your local lawn care Richmond team what step you should take for watering your lawn during a winter season.

•    Reduced Amount of Fertilization

Fertilization is one of the necessary activity for growing up plants. When plants, tree, etc. will not get enough substance from soil, it needed to provide the right element of material for the sufficient grown up of a tree. In the season of winter, it is freezing, and many substances of soil can’t become active at low temperature. So in the winter season, it is so important to provide sufficient fertilizer. If you have any confusion, ask your nearest lawn care Richmond expert about the solution.

•    Poor Mulching in Lawn

I believe, it is not possible for the people who live in Vancouver to leave the soil to become dehydrated. In the winter season, most of the time, ground and roots become destroyed. Proper mulching in your lawn and garden can fix this problem. To protect your lawn, you should apply 7-8-inch-thick mulch layer around the trees or plants. Here, you should keep in mind that a certain distance should be maintained between mulch layer and trees bark. If you can apply these steps, you can get a beautiful lawn during spring.

•    Poor Raking System in the Garden

A brown leaf on the ground is one of the most common things that we noticed in the lawn. This brown leaves can work as organic fertilizer. However, pets or other animals can be attracted by these brown leaves which may result in the produce of fungi. Proper raking to the turf or trees and clean the ground may ensure you to fix this problem.

•    Using Poor Weed Control in Winter, lawn care Richmond

To take care a lawn, weed killer needs to use for killing the weed. These are used as fertilizer. This weed killer activity depends on the weather. As it was winter, and the weather is cold, so you need to increase the use of weed killer. If you don’t use your use weed killer in a proper amount, it hampers your lawn and won’t look attractive.

I suggest you from this winter try to fix above issue and wait to become the owner of an attractive lawn in next spring.

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No one other than lawn care Surrey professionals can create a wonderful, healthy green lawn and a beautiful garden. Whether it’s a lawn in the backyard or a garden in front of a mansion, institute or a building they know exactly what it needs to make a beautiful well maintained lawn or an incredible looking landscape. Their dedication, understanding of competition, knowledge about the land and creative imagination has allowed them to create many award winning and eye catching landscapes in Vancouver.
The property owners in Vancouver understand that best lawn care Surrey services isn’t just the basic maintenance of mowing and edging.

A healthy, lush, green lawn results from utmost love, ongoing care & attention, patience and the certified specialists. This investment seems worthwhile when a parent sees their children playing with their pets safely. A beautiful sight of a healthy environment needs protection, essential nutrients and balanced soil. Fertilizing, over-seeding and aeration will contribute to a healthy lawn and maintain quality air around your house will also add extra value to your property. Landscaping Surrey specialists provides 5 best lawn care & maintenance services for property owners at a very affordable price.


1. Save Water With Smart Irrigation System

The modern and advance irrigation system is easily adaptable to your local climate conditions. The water delivery methods with smart clock technology to water your space exactly at the mentioned time. The automatic weather detector helps to assess the actual weather conditions and shuts off when it rains. This system not only save hours of your work, but also qualifies you for a rebate.

2. Spreading Mulch Around Trees and Flower Beds.

Mulch is valuable for your trees health and growth of flowers. It enhances the beauty of your yard by holding moisture to feed growing roots. Mulch is a friend of flower beds or newly planted trees, either organic or inorganic, it stops weeds, reduce moisture and helps plant growth. A 4-inch deep ring of mulch spread around the trees, save you time and effort of mowing the grass.

3. Simple Easy Fertilizer Program

Lawn care Surrey experts consider two important things. Firstly, knowing how much Nitrogen your lawn needs per year and then dividing it as per season. Secondly, knowing the correct amount needed to apply during the season.

4. Apply Lawn Mowing Rules. Lawn Care Surrey

The top most lawn mowing rule is to “never remove more than 1/3rd of the grass length at one mowing.” The lawn care specialists use a sharp and 3 inches high grass blade. They recycle the grass clippings to save time, money and environment.

5. Use Natural Ways To Control Weeds And Pests.

The easiest way to prevent your garden from insect damage is to pull off weak plants, use natural composting methods to build organic soil and use seaweed mulch or spray. Clear garden area of any debris or weeds regularly with a non-toxic or homemade remedies for a healthy, safe and natural environment.

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