Month: December 2016

Are you unhappy with the way your front yard or garden looks? Do you find your overall landscape looks a bit outdated, common, dull or downright unattractive? Put your worries aside. Our flower service specialists worked together with their Surrey lawn service lawn care colleagues and came up with a list of 5 plants to revamp any type of Vancouver property in the blink of an eye. We are talking about easy, fast and effortless activities which will turn your property into a veritable work of art. All you have to do is plant some new flowers, shrubs and vines around and let them do their magic! If you don’t know how, when or where to plant them for a full spectacular effect, consult with your local Surrey lawn care specialists!

1. Yucca

If you want to bring more Mexico to your Vancouver residence, then Yucca is one of the first plants you need to consider. The sword-shaped leaves of this perennial shrub add a hint of the desert to your otherwise lush green turf, making it look exotic, wild and new. Ask your local Vancouver lawn service  contractor to help you grow Yucca on your property for an outstanding landscape design.

2. Bougainvillea

You will see Bougainvillea almost anywhere there is a warm climate. One of the easiest ways to completely make-over the looks of your dull landscape is planting this ornamental vine. It comes in awesome pink, red and purple colored varieties; it is resilient to hot weather, easy to care for and excellent to just admire all summer long.

3. Dahlias

This plant is native to Mexico, but you will see many exquisite properties featuring this beautifully colored flower. It is not resilient to frost but makes a great add-on to your front yard, the flower garden or the flower beds that ornament your patios. Dahlias also come in many colors, so it’s better to consult with your Richmond lawn care specialists on the best varieties you can host on your property.

4. Yellow Bells

If you truly want to revamp your property with little effort but great results, bring home some Yellow Bells. Their color will make everybody feel you just took a piece of the Sun and planted it in your garden or front yard. This small ornamental shrub can become the highlight of flower beds or turn your walkways into true “yellow brick roads” leading to magical lands.

5. Mexican Bush Sage

A completely revamped landscape should buzz with life, color, texture, depth, and contrasts. From this point of view, the Mexican Bush Sage is the best plant you can host on your property. It attracts butterflies and bees while its silver-gray foliage may be the exact touch of originality and spark your dull landscape needed. Count in the violet blooms as well and you will have that outstanding lawn and landscape in no time.

Vancouver BC is a great place to live in – unless the property you just bought shows signs of a damaged lawn. Vancouver lawn care experts say that such situation needs urgent intervention. Failing to take care of your lawn the proper way can be a huge problem down the road for you. For instance, the past property owner could have neglected the lawn. If you happen to live on that property and still see your lawn damaged, the causes can be traced back to severe disease and pest infestations. Lawn maintenance mistakes you may have done unknowingly or damaging weather conditions.

The only solution to fix a damaged lawn is intensive  Vancouver lawn care. And today, we are here to help you understand better what causes lawn damage and how you can deal with the situation efficiently.

Recognize the Symptoms, Vancouver lawn care

Vancouver lawn care professionals emphasize on recognizing the symptoms of a damaged lawn. As we said, the causes may include pollution, improper use of fertilizers and pesticides. Sometimes the main issue is related to soil damages due to excessive water infiltration or, the total lack of it.

Damaged lawn care symptoms thus include:

  • Large portions of compacted soil
  • The presence of clay, infiltrated deep and on large areas into the soil
  • Very poor soil drainage
  • Dry and cracked areas of the soil

Calling for Expert Solutions

Intensive Surrey lawn care professionals advise you immediately turn to experts to evaluate the seriousness of the situation. Soil testing is the first step of a hard lawn repairing process, Delta lawn maintenance, BC specialists also confirm.

Using over-seeding is one of the first solutions to try in order to keep the existing lawn in place. Cutting slits on the lawn after a rigorous dethatching may save the lawn, together with over-seeding.

Another solution is deep core soil aeration. Especially if the soil was found to be too compacted or poorly nourished.

Lawn removal is the worst case scenario and is done only of the soil turned to clay, is seriously cluttered and the drainage is almost in-existent. If the lawn was infested by weeds and pests, fungi or other diseases, then you have to remove the entire lawn.

Sometimes, intensive lawn care ends up in total lawn removal, but this allows you to consider employing professional Surrey lawn maintenance services for the long term.

Vancouver lawn care

Lawn maintenance concerns many homeowners. Because all of them want to have beautiful, lush and healthy lawns and gardens. Caring for your lawn is a year’s long job. Even if you do it on your own and even if you use a Richmond lawn care company to do it for you, the same principles are to be implemented. If you want to be ahead of your neighbors in the landscape beauty competition, let’s hear it from Delta lawn care experts.

Raking in Spring, Richmond lawn care

Winter leftovers and debris call for the appropriate raking, to de-clutter the soil and deal with the matted grass. Snow mold is also a problem, and so a smooth but serious raking allows the soil to dry and the spring sun to eliminate mold. Raking helps oxygen to circulate, getting the lawn ready to rebirth in spring.

Dethatching With Care

No matter how well you fertilize sometimes or how good care you take of your lawn, dethatching is always an issue, Vancouver lawn care pros say. This is why you should always keep an eye on the thick mat that develops at the soil’s level.

Soil Aeration When Needed

Soil aeration is an annual process which involves making holes in your soil with special equipment. It is necessary for de-compacting. This also lets the fertilizers reach their target and water infiltrate better to the grass roots. Lastly, it allows organic matters to accumulate into the soil as well.

Fertilization on the Long Term

In the cold season, Richmond lawn care specialists recommend fertilization as a preventative method against crabgrass. In late spring, over-seeding is a necessary step to ensure a rich and healthy turf. Over the year, fertilization can be done with grass clippings left on the soil or the use of home-made compost.

Mowing According to the Rules, Richmond lawn care

Early mowing ensures a healthy strong grass growth. This allows the sun to reach the roots, water to go deeper, weeds to be removed and the turf to grow thicker. Along the year, mowing depends on the season, the climate, the irrigation system in use and the environmental factors present. As a general rule, let Surrey lawn care experts mow your lawn, because they know better when and how to do it.

Testing the Soil Regularly

Regular soil test give you a good idea of the main and secondary nutrients needed by your lawn as well as the amount of fertilizers which should be used.

6 Basic Lawn Maintenance Principles to Employ, Richmond lawn care

Spring overseeding is just as efficient as the fall one, provided you start early and don’t make mistakes before and after the actual activity. If you are not familiar with overseeding, our Surrey lawn care specialists can tell you it helps the lawn become healthier, stronger and more beautiful. Overseeding means more than covering bare and dry lawn spots, it is a seasonal lawn care activity ensuring a lush, thick turf to last all year long.

However, some Richmond lawn care experts noticed that many homeowners make five common mistakes when it comes to spring overseeding. In order to avoid them, they conceived a short guide together with our Vancouver lawn care colleagues.

1. You Don’t Aerate the Soil

Aeration and overseeding are interdependent. Spreading turf seeds on the ground, without previous soil aeration, leads to poor results. Aeration holes help de-compact and drain the soil. They allow the new seedlings to get more air, sunrays, water, and nourishments. They help seedlings germinate easier; pick out from the holes and grow stronger roots and blades. You can’t have overseeding without aeration.

2. You Don’t Protect the Lawn

The newly overseeded lawn should not be stepped on or trampled, even if you have to water it daily. Physical stress damages the seedlings and lowers their chance to germinate and turn into strong healthy turf blades. Keep children, pets and yourself away from the lawn as much as you can.

3. You Don’t Water the Lawn Correctly

Our Surrey lawn care experts are very firm in this regard: the newly overseeded lawn has to be watered daily, two times a day. Of course, an irrigation system should do the trick without harming the seedlings. Remember to always keep at least ¼ inch of the soil’s surface moist permanently. Before you return to your usual watering schedule, make sure the new grass blades have reached their recommended mowing heights.

4. You Mow Too Soon or Too Late

Mowing the newly overseeded lawn is tricky. Many mow the lawn too soon or too late. Our Surrey lawn care colleagues insist you mow the lawn only after the new turf reached its recommended mowing height. Other Surrey lawn care specialists recommend to have patience and let the seedlings develop strong roots and blades and stay away from the lawn mower at least 2 to 4 weeks to not stress the seedlings.

5. You Fight Against Weeds

It’s true, weeds have the talent to show up right after you overseeded and many homeowners are hell-bent to get rid of them with fertilizers and all sorts of chemicals and herbicides. But invasive weed control also harms the seedlings’ roots and blades, so the advice is to leave weeds be for a while – at least until you mowed the lawn four or five times. After this period, you can call your local Vancouver lawn care specialists to implement a proper weed control treatment.

Surrey lawn care overseeding

Successful overseeding is not hard to achieve. Rely on your Surrey lawn care company to guide and help you through the before and after the process for best results.